I have to say that I am more a fan of Nick Parks early stop motion animation movies than for example the more recent Chicken Run. Nick was born in 1958 (he has four brothers and one sister) in Preston, England and wanted to be an inventor more than an animator. Something that is quiet evident from Wallace’s inventions in all his animations. His very first animation was a flipbook type animation which he spent a few days labouring over and sent to the photographers labs for developing ..but never got it back. He was 12 at the time. He then moved on to a character he created in cartoon (drawn form) called Walter the rat.  Nick’s mother was  a dress maker. She helped him to make cutout characters of felt fabric for “Rat and The Beanstalk”, a 1 minute stop motion animation, his first real movie. He admits making the classic mistake in this early movie that all new animators make of filming in daylight. You can see the image changing light level over the day long shoot during the movie. Later on when Nick when to college he came up with the Wallace and Gromit characters. He invited Aardman’s co-founders Peter Lord and David Sproxton to come and guest lecture at the college. Nick used some of his own budget to pay for their lecture.         [caption id=”attachment_62″ align=”alignright” width=”268″ caption=”Nicks First Studio Room […]