If you are thinking about buying a camcorder and want to use it for stop motion animation such as claymation etc. then I  have compiled a  list of some of the DV camcorders that have “pass through” capabilities. While this is not a full  listing, it will give you some idea of what is available. What I found is that DV pass-thru is available on most DV cameras with the exception of the lowest priced models and those with DCD writeable media. There are other models out there and new models coming on to the market all the time so just make sure you check the manuals to see if the  camera has pass through capabilities. But note unfortunately “Pass-through” is not always obvious as a feature in the manual or specificiations  and you may need to route through the user manual at the manufacturers site. Canon ZR60 ZR100 ZR200 ZR300 ZR400 Elura 80 Elura 85 Elura 90 Optura S1 Optura 50 Optura 60 Optura 400 Optura 500 Optura 600 No pass through on the DC10 or DC20 Sony DCR-HC42 DCR-HC32 DCR-PC55 DCR-HC90 DCR-PC1000 (3cc) DCR-HC21-NO analog DCR-TRV480 DCR-TRV460 JVC GRD72US GR-D73 and GR-D93 GR-DF430US GR-DF450US GR-DF550US GR-D860 Mini DV Camcorder (also can WebCam Function) GR-DZ7US has analog input but not sure about pass-thru GR-X5US has analog input but not sure about pass-thru   Panasonic PV-GS120 PV-GS150 PV-GS250 PV-GS400 PV-DV852