Up to recently DV and USB on Webcams and in some cases Analog capture have been the main stay of stop motion animators for capturing frames. But now there is a new kid on the block..”USB Streaming”. It is primarily being pushed by Sony at present but a number of other manufacturers are moving in that direction also. The concept behind it is to promote or allow the use of USB rather than DV / Firewire to import video from your camcorder to your PC / Mac rather than to facilitate live capture. Its the live capture element of the setup that is of interest to us however. In the case of the Sony camcorders it is the hard disk based cameras that it is more evident for obvious reasons. However if you are considering purchasing such a camera for your stop motion then be sure to check the model has what Sony describe as “Webcam Function” rather than just relying on it having USB streaming. JVC also have a good range of camcorders with the WebCam function over Firewire (DV) at a good price. While this is not USB streaming per se the result for stop motion animators is the same.