After a year or so, the website is taking early retirement. Due to an issue with an¬†alleged trademark infringement we have decided to move to a new domain The legomation site was a success as far as we can make out..we got plenty of visitors and held a successful stop motion brickfilm competition. We had feedback from those new to stop motion saying that the site helped them to get started. They said the brickfilm tutorials were clear and easy to follow. The new site we have decided to branch out a bit by including all types of stop motion such as claymation ( clay animation ) 2D animation etc. while keeping the brickfilm or legomation side of things going also. We also have started a WIKI – called StopMoPedia.¬† It will be cover all you need to know about stop motion animation in a wiki format. So get editting and add an entry. So I hope you visit us and join the forum, visit our blog and our new WikiPedia called “StopMoPedia”.