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Read this article on how to get the best results when using your Camera for stop motion animation..

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Review of the Logitech Pro 9000

 Webcam for Stop Motion




Technical Specifications 


(As Applicable to Stop Motion )

  • Carl Zeiss® lens (Far better picture quality than a plastic lens can deliver)

  • Autofocus system (Better turned off for stop motion )

  • Ultra-high resolution 2-megapixel sensor with RightLight™2 Technology

  • Color depth: 24-bit true color

  • Video capture: Up to 1600 x 1200 pixels (HD quality) (HD Video 960 x 720 pixels)

  • Frame rate: Up to 30 frames per second


First Impressions


My first impressions of the picture quality when I connected it in to my PC where "incredible and unreal!".

I have used most of the Logitech range of webcams down through the years and the top end webcams were always very good. However this webcam is a world apart. The quality of the image is incredible. It easily compares to digital consumer camcorders for example that are three times the price.


True Color 

The thing that struck me first was how true the color was represented. I could not distinguish the onscreen color to the color when viewed with the naked eye. Many webcams add their own tone to colors. But the 9000 rings true. What you see is what you get.


Close Range

One of the key things with stop motion animation is the ability for close focus on detail. It's a feature that is lacking in many webcameras available today.




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