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Armaverse Phase 3

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Stop Motion Armature - A Quick Tutorial

This article relates some of the things to watch out for when making your first stop motion animation armature. In this instance we are using Armaverse armature available online to purchase. However most armature for stop motion animation is very similar so what is true for Armaverse armature will be true

 for most other brands of armature.

  The inclusion of the LEGO┬« minifigure character here is for scale only...Well also its a bit of fun as he watches the armature come to life!


Armaverse Phase 3 in this case, the 6 inch "Humaverse" kit comes in a handy steel tin. This tin will prove very useful for storing the bits and bolts if you decide to disassemble your armature some time down the line. Besides it looks cool so keep it safe.

Armaverse Armature

When you open the tin for the first time the number of parts may be a bit daunting but don't be put off. The kit includes an instruction manual with step by step photographs something like the ones we have taken here for this armature tutorial.

It might be worth initially taking a look through the various pieces and checking them against the inventory of parts but also just to familiarise yourself with them.




Armaverse Armature Tutorial











iFor each step as detailed in the manual lay out the parts you will need like the picture here shows. Believe me trying to put them together one by one while routing the the tin of parts is not a good idea!













iYou will notice that the rounded rectangular flat plates with the holes in them are different on each side. The side that has the concave hole is where you should be placing the ball bearings and dumbell-like parts as shown here in the picture to the right.

Lay them out as shown. By the way the LEGO plug board is very useful for making these parts as the lugs hold them in place while you get the next parts together.



iThen carefully place the correct plates down on top of the other plates and screw them together. This is the armatures first arm.  


Follow the same procedure as above for the second arm and you should end up with the two arms as shown here.






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