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Exscindo Mortalitas

Behind the Scenes


Given the Easter theme requirement of the film festival for which this film was made, I originally thought about depicting the earthly resurrection of Jesus on the first Easter Sunday morning some 1,977 years ago.  But of course, that’s been done before in countless movies about the life of Jesus and had a possibility of appearing in a number of other entries.  So as I pondered theological questions like “Where was Jesus’ Spirit while his body was in the tomb?” I stumbled upon the idea of trying to depict the moments right before Jesus’ earthly resurrection, namely, where he defeated death in the spirit realm.  I do not claim that my depiction of these moments (Jesus escaping the bounds in Hades) would stand up well to any theological scrutiny, but there is an obscure verse in the New Testament (First Peter, chapter 3) that speaks of Jesus going and preaching to the “spirits in prison” which could be a reference to Hades.  So just as the tomb of Jesus was guarded by a company of soldiers on earth, a holding cell of Jesus in Hades could have been guarded by demonic beings.  And just as angels rolled away the stone for Jesus to exit the tomb, angels could have also been involved in assisting in freeing Jesus from Hades.



The set was designed around the functionality of the jail doors (which came from the Jabba’s Palace LEGO set).  I had bought a Pirates of the Caribbean Mega Bloks set because it was on sale, and ended up using one of it’s base pieces on one side of the jail tower.  That same set came with a pretty good assortment of stone-looking dark gray bricks which became the primary material for the tower.  Needing more of those kinds of bricks, I bought two more of the same exact set.  These also provided me with another black rocky base to use on the other side of the tower.  The height of the tower was a function of how many of these bricks I had.  But when I began filming, I had to remove the top two stories so that the tower would fit under then spot-lighting rig that hung above.  The trees were also from Mega Blok sets (Narnia sets).


All six stories.

From above.




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