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Released February 2007


I am happy to announce the release of my first short film, a stop-motion animated Star Wars spoof using LEGO and Hasbro Star Wars toys.  It began as merely a camera & software test but grew into something more, hopefully something enjoyable.  It features my six-year-old son and his seven-year-old friend doing the voices.  




Droid Wars (med-res)

right-click, then “Save Target As…”

A medium-resolution Windows Media Video (WMV) version of the film for downloading from  (17.9 MB, 6min 36sec)

Droid Wars (lower-res)

A lower-resolution version that can be viewed at 
(6min 36sec) 
[This version of the film was banned from YouTube as “inappropriate” in August 2007 after being viewed over 9,200 times.  They gave no detailed explanation, so I’m assuming it was banned because of extensive use of John Williams’ copyrighted music from various Star Wars soundtracks, even though I’d guess at least 50% of YouTube is made up of copyright infringing videos.  I may post a new version with no music.]

Technical Release Notes 

Read about the film-making process including some technical details.

R2 vs BDs

The earliest version of the film with all the original frames doubled (7.5 frames per second), no audio, can be viewed at (55sec)

Actors’ Commentary

Hear Ethan and Andrew, who did the voices for the two battle droids, sit down and talk about the film.  It’s what you might expect from 1st graders and pretty funny in places.  My favorite line is when Ethan describes his favorite part of the movie as a scene that isn’t even in the movie.  We’ll wait and see if YouTube leaves this video up. 

(8min 3sec)


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