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About Stop Motion Central

Looking for one of the best software for Making Animations ? Check out our categories of News, Reviews, Forum, Blog and register to stay up to date with latest trends of Animations for Kids, Education and Other Area. Stop Motion Forum for animation software reviews from Solid experienced animators.

Started in 2008 to invigorate the stop motion animation scene online. We hope to create lots of stop motion animation tutorials for beginners and intermediate animators over the coming years.

Join our forum and post your videos and thoughts now. Stop Motion Central is a platform for Beginner and experieced animators to discuss, share and help related Stop motion animations, animation software, claymation, Brickfilms, Animation programs in schools and education, software for kids or for your personal and professional needs.

We invite interested users to share and discuss topics on the latest trends in stop motion area, popularity in student, share your projects and get more unique ideas to make animations. Students can find the Tutorial and Help about easy animation Software, features of stop motion software, ideas from other claymation projects and other animations which is created by other students and schools.

There are lots of links on our site also to trial free animation software. The reviews of each animation software program are done by industry experts and animation hobbyists around the world. We emphasize ease of use and value for money when reviewing animation software. Factors such as the learning curve for example. How easy is it to get up and going fast for those who have never done animation before.


Stop Motion Central is a Unique Forum and a great Platform for Stop Motion Animation Reviews, Animation Software Resources, Amazing Stop Motion Videos, Help, Guides, Discussions and Much More for personal, professional, Educational and Kids at home

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