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Legomation / Brickfilms

brickfilm lego fire guy

Learn how to make your own stop motion animation brickfilms with our tutorials section. More…


Stop Motion Central Classic Clay Animations

Wow the World with Stop Motion

The trailer for one of the very first movies to use stop motion animation effects by Willis O Brien in 1925. This was the first feature length film made in the United States, possibly the world, to feature model animation as the primary special effect, or stop motion animation in general. It is also the first dinosaur-oriented film hit, and it led to other dinosaur movies, from King Kong to the Jurassic Park trilogy. This was also the  first film adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic story about a land where large prehistoric creatures still roam.

The plot..

Professor Challenger (avid Explorer) is being criticized in the London press because of his claim that dinosaurs still exist in the depths of the Amazon rainforest. A journalist reporter Edward Malone finds this claim emanates from a diary given to him by explorer Maple White's daughter, Paula. Edward Malone's paper agrees to fund the expedition to rescue Maple White, who has been marooned at the top of a high plateau in the Amazon forest. They are accompanied by popular hunter John Roxton,  the group goes to South America, where they do indeed find a plateau inhabited by prehistoric monsters. The capture one of these creatures and foolishly bring it back to  London with them, where is causes inevitable chaos.



Classic stop motion animated film from Sesame Street, said to have been created by Jim Henson. (The song is from the opera Carmen.)

Stop Motion Clay Classic - Sesame Street - Orange Sings Carmen














Claymation - Bow Hunting - 1999


A short claymation that I made in 1999. It is about a guy that decides to go bow hunting with exploding arrowheads. Rambo meets the Outdoor Network.

by Aaron Franz



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